Title Plaques

USRVDTC provides a plaque for dogs who earn titles, once you have a plaque additional titles are engraved on hangers that you can add to the plaque.  If you are a new member titling in this award year or have a new dog titling since November 2016, then you are eligible to receive a plaque for 2017.

Input for plaques and hangers must be received by 11/26/17.

Please provide (1) the dog’s AKC registered name – this will go on the plaque and (2) the dog’s call name. Each title should be listed as written, or as will be written, on the AKC or issuing organization’s certificate, along with the associated acronym (i.e., Beginner Novice – BN or Trick Dog Novice – TKN).

You can email this information to lucienjr2@msn.com.  If you have questions, email or call 208-403-6977.

You may also submit this information below: